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Hi, my name is Soheil Sigurdsson

My creative passion in digital arts and graphics led me to start Estudio Nectar in 2005, since then I help companies grow by improving their audiovisual impact in the world.

The studio is based in Spain but we have plenty of international experience with clients all over Europe and the US. At Estudio Nectar we don’t just create your corporate image, we enhance your company’s identity and take your corporate strengths to the next level by leveraging the digital art techniques that best suit your needs. From traditional 2D art to high-tech dynamic motion graphics or photorealistic 3D visualization renders, we will pick the media that suits your company.

We cover a vast array of techniques and audiovisual artforms, our close attention to detail is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Adobe Creative Suite
Wordpress & Web Design
Motion Graphics
3D Rendering & Textures

We currently have two major branches


Web Design , Corporate ID, Graphic arts and Composition, UI/UX Design, SEO/SEM and Digital Marketing.


Motion Graphics, 3D Arquitectural & Product visualizations, Video Editing and VR Interactive Environments.


Personal Experience

Soheil was born in Malaga Spain with and international Persian/Islandic background and got his BA in fine arts from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, California. Where he gained knowledge in graphic & web design, 3D arts, video editing, motion graphics and visuall effects. And now has over 15 years of experience in the industry on all these fields.

Apart for being a digital artist Soheil has travelled around the world and creates musical remixes and mashups for his eclectic DJ sessions.

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